Anam Activations


‘Anam Activations’ is a multidimensional healing modality emerging from the synergy of an International group of vibrational healers blending together to co-create transformative healing. Using our gifts of sounds, symbols and channeling, we work with individuals and groups, to open the pathways for deep inner healing, empowerment and expanded consciousness.

During our activation sessions, we each tune into the blueprint of our clients in our unique ways, getting streams of vital information which we then divine, decode & immediately apply. Merging our specific breathwork, the purity of intention & harnessing the power of unity consciousness, this is truly next-level quantum healing! Just check out our testimonials below!

Just some of the areas we weave through using sounds, symbols and channelling are the following:

  • Hormonal/chemical/nervous system imbalance, chaos and stress patterns, soul retrieval, ancestral/akashic/karmic healing, higher guidance, life purpose
  • We also clear the ‘field’ of density caused by fear/ false belief programming, disease, toxicity, trauma, and abandonment.

Currently, all of our 3:1 individual healings are delivered online via zoom and we also have monthly live online group activations. It certainly helps if you are already on your healing path but ultimately you just need to be ready and open to receive the light!

How do we ‘light’ work?


As co-creators with all our clients, we first get into alignment energetically so that we are clear and neutral conduits between heaven & earth. We use cosmically attuned breathwork to get us into the highest frequencies as both receivers and transmitters of healing information. We energetically hold space, placing our healees into a healing activation pod and ‘light-work’ on them. Our aim is to bring our clients into a ‘wholeness template’, empowering them to access their innate healing power and connect with their soul essence for the most powerful inner transformation!


Individual 3:1 sessions are a high-octane way to gain direct clarity and address specific ongoing life issues. The potent cosmic light we work with creates inner alchemy, rapid transformation and righteous empowerment within.

For these 3:1 sessions, you will join us on a zoom call and the after care includes recordings, personalized symbols and sounds with follow-up distant healing sessions. We also design bespoke healing bundles according to your needs.

Group Activations

Our monthly group healings are live online and you will receive access to a replay afterwards. Many studies have proved the power of working together in a group setting for optimal healing results. This healing movement will also accelerate your ascension as it helps you resolve issues, heal your shadows and release pain and suffering. This opens you up to be in greater alignment so you can access the highest timelines available and be the best version of you.


Why would people do this kind of healing?

Our testimonials say it all……read them first!

It is indeed true that we must all at some stage of our soul’s forward evolution do ‘the inner work’. We ‘inner-stand’ that we are here to expand our light bodies and glow spiritually as well as ascend yet also to anchor our physical bodies into this glorious New Earth. And our dream is to share this healing experience with you and invite you to dream-weave with us and to instill in each of us, that we no longer have to do it all alone anymore.

This modality is unique in that the combination of channeling, sounds and symbols coupled with the co-creating and readiness and openness of the client, activates deep healing on many layers and levels of your being. The healers, acting as conduits for the energy, assist the soul in accessing this vibrational medicine in a gentle, nurturing way that will never overwhelm the spirit.

With so much change and transition in the outer world, the need for unity consciousness has never been stronger. People truly deserve to have their faith restored, their hope renewed and also have a strong spiritual healing community who can be there for each other, to raise each other up, pray for each other and of course the added bonus of making new friends along the way! That is our wish for Anam Activations.

Light Work with Us


The Ultimate Cosmic Monad Package:

6 week Activator bundle : two 3:1 one-hour sessions, three 1:1 one-hour sessions, three remote healing sessions, and one group activation: €999


The Cosmic Avatar Activation:

3:1 One-hour session with Leni, Vinnay and Dee – €333


The Unity Consciousness Movement

Monthly Group Activations: €33

Anam Activations Monthly Membership: €44

This includes one group healing, one remote group healing, daily practices, additional channeled tools such as sigils, songs, and meditations.

We allocate a percentage of group activations to support people that cannot afford the normal rate – please put me on the waiting list

It’s a very unique experience as the testimonials below show…….


‘I received a very powerful distant healing from Anam Activations. As I sat peacefully at home during the session, I could feel a lot of warm safety come up for me, I felt that I was letting go of a number of energies that were no longer serving me and felt fully taken care of as I make a number of changes in my day to day life. After the session, insights and guidance that the healers themselves received while working with me were shared. These and the energy song and images/ sigils that came up were very powerful and I am very grateful to have received them. After the session , as I went about my errands, I experienced a number of lovely signs from the universe that ‘all is well’. Thank you!’

GN, Switzerland

Hello! So I just did my sigil and track added to all your activation reading - and found them really amazing… my heart started going fast and felt open, I felt quite clear on my next steps and the overriding feeling was gratitude to have 3+ experienced healers all working on me! So thank you and I look forward to the next step!

NH London

This healing experience is like nothing I have ever felt before. The guidance I received was mind blowing and I continue to call upon this channeled wisdom and profoundly powerful light to keep me in alignment. So this activation of light from this group of 3 healers has been life changing for me.

SA Ireland

I was privileged to experience a Light Activation. The session was only ten minutes but felt much longer than that and the impacts were big. During the session I experienced heat sensations in my heart area, I felt tingling sensations all over my body, my body moved gently and I felt incredibly light throughout, as if I was floating. I recently experienced a miscarriage and this was what I wanted to work on in the session. The message I received during the session is how important it is that I communicate love and gratitude to my body. My body needs to know that I love it, that I recognise that there is no mind / body separation; I am a whole being in body, mind and spirit. I also received the message that my body needs to experience more pleasure and joy. In grieving I must allow my body to experience love and happiness as well as loss. I learned that to intentionally enjoy one's body is a rite of passage in respect of loss and grief, it is an offering to the fullness of life. Since the session I feel I have the permission to let go and delight in my body in dancing, yoga, getting outdoors, being intimate with my partner and so on. Thank you so much for this beautiful opportunity for healing and for enabling me to access this very deep wisdom within.


For those drawn to this group of amazing healers, trust your instincts and participate in one of their healing activations

For those who are skeptics: Doubting the significance of energy work could be a barrier in your healing process. I am an Evidence-based western medic, who does not understand how any of this works, but what I do know is the following:

1. Healing comes from inside you, but having the right environment for healing is key to its progress. These incredible healers create a unique environment to allow healing to emerge from inside of you while in the comfort of your own home.

2. Collective energy is powerful. Being online with a group of strangers who are all full of love and sending love is palpable, and contagious!

3. What you put into an experience is what you get out of it. I went into this healing session with an open heart and felt a rush of love and healing potential rush in. There was no judgment here. We all journey at different rates and in different ways.

4. Healing is often about awareness and does not always happen in an instant but as your awareness expands, so does your internal ability to heal. This particular healing experience helps you to be more aware of things that need to be released: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

5. This healing experience for me was about inner peace. As the world continues in such a chaotic state, this experience allowed me to feel protected as I move forward in my journey. I felt a lot of love and my level of gratefulness expanded. My view of the world and what is out there in the universe expanded as well. If you are open, you will expand that perspective as well.

6. There is a plethora of pleasant sense stimulations such as sounds, music, pictures, and symbols, all of which lock in the experience in the brain to help recall during challenging moments.

7. Their Quantum Cosmic Healing venue holds a clear message: you don’t have to go through your healing process all on your own - you can do it in a group setting that is safe and nurturing. I felt better immediately and still continue to sleep better! Also I get a lot more done due to improved energy!

Thank you, Vinay, Deirdre & Leni

HN (The U.S)

“During the session I became aware of the Sun filling the room and I felt like it was beaming on me….From your feedback afterwards, everything was spot on thank you so much. Everything was so unbelievably accurate. I often get back pain and that day I had a pain in my lower back to start with but it improved a lot after the session. Also while I was lying there during the activation I felt empowered to take action, to start to love myself , to empower myself with my health,…. I am so grateful for this. I had been putting things off but this gave me the will to take action….Thank you so so much!”

GM (The U.S)

“Thank you so much for this incredible healing gift, I just loved listening to your feedback, super powerful. I clearly connected my my spiritual team and now have deepened my spirit mission and want to fully integrate it. So much gratitude for your light activations - you have truly inspired me to become a light worker and stay on the awakened path.”

KJJ, The Netherlands

"Thank you for this powerful session. I discovered so much about myself. Magical and transformative”

L.A.I. South Africa

“I want to thank the three of you for the powerful work you’re getting done together. It’s huge!! Every single thing you said, channelled and interpreted for me, activated different parts of my bodies in a very shaky kind of electric sensation. You just pressed the right buttons through your words! I felt like I was able to give myself permission to let go of stuff in my head that was holding me back - I felt like layers were cleared to allow newness to come in. It's so energizing for me and I am looking forward to exciting times ahead.”

FR (Uruguay)

I recently completed the Light Activation course via zoom with Leni. To say this course was life changing was an understatement. I have been born again with activated DNA connecting Gaia and the Cosmos. I am a lightworker and star seed and on this course I fully experienced the fusion of the two in the most powerful profound means possible. To experience all this in my human body at this time on planet Earth was a pure gift that I am so delighted I gave to myself. I didn’t get to watch the recordings live but the energy carried through so I could watch at my own pace and trust me, it was no less an experience because time and space are not limited. I cannot recommend Leni highly enough as her access to Divine is so pure and if you are meant to receive this light, you most definitely will.”

BM, Cork, Ireland

“Since the Light Activations I am feeling so much expansion despite all my physical pain - I am on a high! still feeling the activations and still recalibrating!!”

JJ. Cambridge England

“I recently received distant quantum healing from this stunning group of healers. I was literally blown away by the specificity and accuracy of the feedback. I also received powerful healing and I am truly grateful to found this group on my healing path.”

BM Ireland

“Wow!! This was just so much - I felt the healers moving into my body and fixing it!It was a very cool sensation to be worked on by so many people. It is just amazing how much you can “see” and get done in a short space of time. I am so glad I found you and I appreciate your work so much. You were spot on about my connection to AA Zadkiel too!”

EJ, Spain

About Us


Leni Morrison

Leni Morrison is a multidimensional conduit for spiritual & cosmic energies, a vibrational healer, musician & Presence Life Coach.

She recently published her first book, Discovering Your Mastery, Unlocking the Hidden Codes, found on Amazon!

Leni is an International speaker & teacher who hosts global webinars and workshops, runs weekly ascension-guidance classes infused with cosmic DNA light activations & global group healing activations online. Please find her on MeetUp and her website is at


Deirdre Michel

As a solution-focused hypnotherapist and mind coach, she is passionate about facilitating personal growth, self-empowerment, and happiness. Deirdre guides and support clients to transform their self-talk, identify their goals and dreams and pursue them in an aligned positive way.

Her approach combines training and qualifications in the areas of Education, Psychology, Mindset Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Deirdre has a keen intuitive, empathic sense of how to bring out the best in people and believes that we have all the answers we need inside ourselves. It’s by learning to tap and tune into our inner knowing and alchemy, that life starts to flow and we enjoy the journey even more.

Deirdre works 1:1 with clients both face-to-face and remotely. Additionally, she offers coaching for parents and children and regularly gives workshops and talks on well-being, meditation and conscious living.

Deirdre’s website is at


Vinay Vyas

Vinay Vyas was born in Canada on the west coast of Vancouver. Influenced by the indigenous roots of the island, as well as his Indian heritage, he was drawn to the healing power of song at a very early age. As Vinay watched the process of death of his grandparents, he became curious about the journey of the spirit, and Self-Knowledge. Plant medicine found its way into his life, and he began sitting in ceremonies, fasting, and meditating in isolation. In the Peruvian Amazon, he opened diets with the guidance of Maestro Kestenbetsa, following the Shipibo lineage. These diets serve as the mode to gain contact, and develop partnership between Man and plant spirits, which provide vision and heal. Some years later, Vinay lives in Portugal, and has sat in traditional medicine ceremonies, around Europe, Canada, and South America. He works primarily through the icaros, a vibration that re-organizes, heals, strengthens the patterns on the (mental, physical, spiritual) plane. This in combination with his Yogic background, serve as the modality for the work.



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